Short Essay on “MRI”– (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

January 27, 2019 0 Comment

The signals from human tissue are received and fed to computer which converts these signals into images on a TV screen.

MRI has the ability to detect lesions of 3 mm and less.

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The images are very sharp and clear and shown in 3 dimensions. It produces excellent tissue contrast the bones do not impede the images, thus, giving a clear picture of internal structures. Though MRI cannot replace CT, it can detect vital lesions that might slip out of CT images.

Beyond doubt MRI is the choice of modality in imaging spine and brain as, due to very high contrast resolution, MRI provides excellent white and grey matter differentiation.

This has made complicated operations of the brain and spine simpler. Apart from the imaging of brain and spine, MRI has also been successfully used in the region of abdomen, pelvis, orbit, chest, musculoskeletal system, joints and in staging of cancers.

Instead of the conventional superconducting magnet system, permanent magnet systems are now available.

Compact and sleek because of permanent magnets the newer systems have a low power consumption, operating costs are low, they have a no claustrophobic gantry aperture, magnetic shielding is not required, and which occupy only about 30 sq m space.

These are easy to install and maintain even in existing buildings. The total space requirement for a MRI system including office and other administrative accommodation is a minimum 85 sq m.


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