Punishment for Intentional omission to produce document to public servant in India

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(a)(i) to give notice or information to a public servant, in the manner and at the time required by law, by person legally bound to do so—simple imprisonment upto one month or fine upto Rs. 500 or both; where notice or information concerns an offence, offender, or previous convicts bound under Section 565, Cr. P.C., 1898 to notify residence, change of or absence from residence—simple imprisonment upto six months or fine upto Rs. 1,000 or both (Section 176); (b) (ii) to give information regarding offence punishable, under Section 202. (See Section 202 next chapter). Same punishment as above; (c) to assist public servant in the execution of his duty when bound by law to give such assistance—simple imprisonment upto one month or fine upto Rs. 200 or both, when assistance required for executing process of Court, preventing offence, suppressing riot or affray; or apprehending an accused or convict escaping from lawful custody—simple imprisonment upto six months or fine upto Rs. 500 or both (Section 187).


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A sees the perpetration of a crime and does not inform the authorities, but is examined as a prosecution witness in the case. What offence A commits?

A would be guilty of offence under Section 176 provided he was legally bound to report the perpetration of the particular crime and he intentionally did not do so.


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