Letter to School Principal Regarding Special Classes

January 11, 2019 0 Comment

The Principal,

Vidya Academy,

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Guwahati – 781 005.

Subject: Extra classes after the Selection Examinations


As you are aware, we were without a regular Geography teacher for over three months last year. Though our new teacher, did succeed in covering the syllabus before the Selection Examinations, she had to do it in haste. Besides, there was no time for revision.

In the given circumstances, Sir, we would be very grateful if you could kindly arrange special Geography coaching classes for us after the Selection Examinations.

In view of the fact that, from this year onwards, the Economics syllabus has been substantially enlarged, we would appreciate it if we could get some extra coaching in this subject too.

We are willing to pay whatever extra fee is required to implement these classes.

Sir, we hope that in the coming Board Examinations, we will be able to do very well and add to the reputation of our institution.

Yours faithfully,

The students of Class 10 B


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