Legal Provisions Regarding Remuneration to Mutawalli, Officers and Servants of Wakf

January 14, 2019 0 Comment

Where no provision is made in the wakfnama, or where the wakf-deed provides for too small a remuneration, the court has power to allow remuneration to the mutawalli but in no case can a court fix an amount of remuneration exceeding one-tenth of the total income of the wakf. However, it may be emphasised that a mutawalli cannot claim remuneration as a matter of right. The Muslim law givers conceived of the office of mutawalli as honorary.

A wakf-deed usually provides for the salary and remuneration and allowances of the officers and servants of the wakf. The mutawalli has no power to enhance the salary and allowance of the officers and servants of the wakf, where the wakf-deed does not empower him to do so. However, the court has the power to fix or increase the salaries and allowances of the officers and servants of a wakf.

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