Difference between English and Indian Law of Perjury – Explained!

January 26, 2019 0 Comment

A person is not bound to tell the truth to Police Officer and he cannot as such be held guilty of perjury for a false statement to such officer. A false declaration of verification in a pleading or written statement is an offence under this section.


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It is very unsafe to convict an accused of perjury simply because there is some oral evidence to show that the statement was false. If this principle is acted upon, no witness appearing in a Court of law will be safe, and it would sometimes be very difficult, if not impossible, to find any evidence in a judicial case because the witnesses would be afraid that if one or two witnesses come to court to depose against them they might be hauled up for perjury.

The evidence to prove perjury should be as strong, if not stronger, as in any other criminal case. The Court should have no reasonable doubt about the statement being perjured before it can convict an accused of perjury. Even if there are two contradictory statements, the accused should be convicted of perjury only when they are found to be altogether irreconcilable.


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